Dance Competitions


The Cost of Competition

There are a number of costs associated with any sports competition. Lessons, coaches and equipment are just the start, and dance has all of these factors. Whether competing as a professional or amateur, many dancers spend a great deal of time taking lessons. Some have private coaches that specialize in competition. The basic equipment for competition dance is relatively simple. Music must be chosen for each competition and the competitor must provide it for their performance. Many contests provide for several different types of digital transfer for music. This allows contestants to use their own equipment for the audio in their routine.

Sports teams generally have uniforms when they compete. This is often a cost born by parents when their children join the team. Dance competitors are a bit different. They must have a costume that matches each style of dance they do. This includes the types of shoes they wear. Many dances can be done in regular shoes, but ballet and tap dance do have additional requirements. Competitors must dress for their part when they begin their stage routine, and points are taken off if their outfit does not match the music and character of their number. This cost can be extremely high for those that enter a great many competitions.

Professional dance competitors have the same costs as amateurs and students. The costumes they wear during competition are part of their stage performance. If they compete in several different dances, each one costume must be unique to their dance routine. This is a basic part of all dance competition rules. Over time, this cost may be exorbitant if the contestants do not have their own sewing skills.

Entry fees are another part of many competitions. Professional competitors are generally awarded cash prizes as well as a trophy. This offsets the cost of entry fees. Students and amateurs do not usually compete for cash prizes. While their entry fees are considerably lower, this is a cost they will not be able to recoup in the near future.